Tips for Parents when their child is moving from Primary

Tips for parents when their child is moving from Primary to Amaano Boarding and Day School


As part of the transition process Amaano Boarding and Day School offers tours of the school during July and August.

These are open for parents and children to attend prior to the completion and submission of the primary/secondary transfer form. In addition there is also an open evening.

When an offer of a place is made by this school, the family will then be invited to attend an admission interview, this is an opportunity to find out more information about secondary school and to provide details to the school or your son/daughter.

In the first week of August all of the year 8 pupils, who have been offered a place, are invited to spend a day at Amaano Boarding and Day School. On this day pupils will be given a taste of secondary school lessons, they will have lunch provided and they will also been given an induction day pack. The pack contains details for the start of the new school year in September; it also has a booklet with transition tips for parents.