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The Amaano Boarding and Day School will aim to provide:

A safe and secure learning environment for all;

  1. The highest standards of care and discipline to promote respect for all;
  2. A learning environment, including equipment, resources and facilities to promote confidence and independence in our student as learners;
  3. Academic guidance and assistance to students throughout their school career; regular reports, information and consultation about progress;
  4. A link to outside agencies when this is necessary.

The Amaano Boarding and Day School expects:


  1. To work to the best of their ability;
  2. To complete all homework and coursework;
  3. To achieve regular and punctual attendance;
  4. To respect all members of the school community;
  5. To take responsibility for their own work and behaviour;
  6. To follow the school rules and codes of conduct; to be mindful of the reputation of the school at all times;
  7. To care for all buildings and environment.

Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s)

  1. To support the school and its ethos;
  2. To work in partnership with the staff,
  3. To inform the school promptly of any concerns;
  4. To respond to concerns raised by members of staff;
  5. To ensure regular and punctual attendance;
  6. To support the high standards of discipline, behaviour and security in the school;
  7. To acknowledge the part that good discipline, behaviour and security play in high attainment;
  8. To send their children to school in full uniform and properly equipped to work;
  9. To attend all parents’ evenings.

To act professionally

  1. To teach to the best of their ability;
  2. To set homework;
  3. To undertake the regular marking and assessment of each pupil’s work.

Note: Non-school uniform will be confiscated and returned after school at 7pm. Mobile phones must be switched off in school; otherwise they will be confiscated and returned only to parents/guardians by appointment. NO JEWELLERY (i.e. earrings) is permitted in school.

We undertake to play our part in fulfilling the school’s expectations.

We also give permission for the school to use images of our child for school publicity and promotion.