School Rules


Students must behave sensibly, courteously and with consideration for others all the time both in and out of school.


Students must be regular and punctual in attendance at school as follows:

  • 7:30am – 12:05PM – Morning Session
  • 1:15PM – 5:00PM – Afternoon Session
  • White shirt
  • Black trousers;classic
  •  ‘Quiet socks’
  • Black shoes
  • Long Black Hijab
  • White or navy socks
  • Black low-heeled shoes; not trainers
  • Head bands must be black or navy

Students arriving after 8.00am or 1:15PM are late and must sign in at the reception.

School Uniform

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students. All students must wear full and correct uniform for the school. Students who come to school and dressed incorrectly, will be sent home to change.

Uniform for Boys

Uniform for Girls

Student Movement

Students should move quietly about the corridors and staircases at all times, keeping to the right hand side. They may not run along corridors or staircases. Student movements are restricted during lesson, unless permitted by the teacher or school management.

Breaks (Prayer, Snack and Lunch Times)

Certain movements are allowed during breaks. Giving time important tasks and activities are adviced.


Leave of absence can be given for the pupil’s own illness or for other medical treatment. In all other cases a note must be brought in beforehand. In cases of illness the note must be brought on the pupil’s return to school. Truancy phone calls checks are made to follow up student absences.


Any child arriving late must report to the reception immediately on arrival for registration of attendance


Detentions for breaches of discipline may be held during the school or after school and notification will be given to parents.

Lost Property

Lost property may be claimed from the Premises Manager at the end of the afternoon session. Property found must be handed to a teacher or Premises Manager. The school accepts no responsibility for the loss of any article. Money and other articles of value which have to be brought to school should be kept on the pupil or given to the receptionist to look after.


All damage to school property must be reported at once to a member of staff. Wild full damage may be charged to the pupil responsible for the damaage.


Students using public transport or moving about the streets should behave in such a way as to bring credit to the school.


Form rooms and playgrounds must be kept tidy at all times. All litter must be placed in the bins provided.


Students can only leave the school after lesson in the afternoon session. No students may leave the premises during school hours without permission.

Smoking, Chewing and Other Drugs

Students are forbidden to use any kind of the drug in the school premises. Any student having any in the school premises will be expelled from the school.

Homework and Other Assigned Tasks

All assigned tasks must be completed before the time line and should be handed to the concerned staff. Incomplete work will bring incomplete marks.