Models for Behaviour

Models for Behaviour
Steps’ Model for Rewards

‘Steps’ Model for Behaviour Management

1) Non-verbal praise

1) Non-verbal indication

2) Verbal/Written praise

2) Tactically Ignoring the behaviour

3) ‘Lesson Star of the Day’

3) Simple direction

4) Praise letter/postcard home

4) Reminder of the rules

5) Praise phone call

5) Explaining Choices

6) ‘School Star of the Week’

6) Sanction Follow Through

7) ‘School Star of the Term’

7) Leave the classroom

Protocols of Positive Behavior Management

• Minimize embarrassment

• Avoid arguing

• Maintain a sense of humor

• Be consistent

• Follow-up

• Remember the need for ‘take-up time’

• Utilize wide support

We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”

The expectations we have of all students and adults at Shamsudin Secondary School, with regards to behavior, are built around our core values of

• respecting oneself

• respecting others

• respecting the environment.

We wish to develop an ethos where respectful behavior and a positive attitude to learning is celebrated and rewarded, and where sanctions are issued to challenge and modify disrespectful behavior.

Each student, adult within the school and parents has a responsibility to ensure that all our children are safe, happy, enjoy a positive and stimulating learning environment, and achieve social and academic success