Behaviour Management Policy


·        The governors of Amaano are responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented.

·        The Head Master is responsible for managing the policy.

·        The school is responsible for close co-operation with parents with matters such as behaviour management.

·        The staff is responsible for ensuring the policy is consistently supported.


We aim

·        To value each other and develop mutual respect.

·        To develop skills of self control and self discipline.

·        To create an environment that supports learning.

·        To build a community where everyone feels valued, safe and secure.

At Amaano we believe:

Children behave well when the following is present:

·        Reward system; i.e. Golden Time and Star of The Day.

·        Positive curriculum.

·        Exciting activities and worksheets given.

·        Clear expectations of achievement.

·        Partnership exists between parents and the school.

·        Care and consideration is taken for each child’s individual needs.

·        Personal and Physical needs are met effectively.

Staff should:

·        Strive to understand the underlying reasons for a child’s behaviour.

·        Work in close cooperation with parents in matters of behaviour management.

·        Encourage children to take RESPONSIBILITY for their own behaviour.

·        Reward and praise good behaviour.

·        Lead by good example.

·        Involve parents in developing positive behaviour.

·        Explain the policy so that the rules are clearly understood.

·        Ensure that the rules are fair and consistently applied.

·        Value children and treat them with respect.

·        Make sure the children understand what behaviour is acceptable and what is not.

·        Ensure the parents are informed of any bullying incidents that have been reported.

Children are to:

·        Follow all schools rules.

·        Follow all schools behaviour code.

·        Respect and to take care of everyone within the school community.

·        Play their part in helping to create a cooperative, contented school.

·        Learn to accept responsibility for their own behaviour.

·         Behave in a respectful way towards adults.

Parents are to:

·        Support the schools policies.

·        Inform staff if any bullying incidents arise.

·        Inform the school if there are factors at home that may influence their child’s behaviour at school.

·        Inform class teachers if you have any general behaviour concerns.


Signed by

Dr. Abdisamed A. Dualle

Head Master