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Amaano Boarding and Day School is a modern school established for the betterment of future generation and schooling system in Somaliland. Amaano is a full time school and consists of boarder and day scholars. The school covers upper primary (grade 5, 6, 7 and 8) and secondary school education.

Amaano has been established in September 2014 with the inspiration of setting up tangible change in the society through proper education. The demand and inspiration of producing qualified learners equipped with knowledge, skills, attitudes and good culture, makes the school and gives the unique characteristics. Amaano encourages students to learn, master, improvise and solve real life problems by empowering mental capacity of the youngsters.

For the school to fulfill the inspiration, Amaano adapts and implements IGCSE Edexcel curriculum and allows students a room to finish the secondary education with in a period of three years and qualifies the IGCSE certificate. Amaano also allows the students to have the opportunity to complete form four class so that any student can have a chance of winning two certificates (IGCSE Edexcel certificate & Somaliland secondary certificate).

For the school syllabus to be covered, students are engaged 8 hours per day and five days per week. Amaano boarding and day school provides a conductive environment for learning and encourages student success and higher performances. For the activities to be carried out in Amaano Boarding and Day School, it also engages top quality and qualified teaching staff.


TEL: +252 633666111 / 63 4241577 / 659992900 /659106464